Tom Ferguson Design - Modern Bathroom Design & fitout with Minosa bathroom products

The Design team at Tom Ferguson Design have taken to what was an old understyled bathroom space and turned it into the modern bathing sanctury their clients where searching for.

This wonderful modern bathroom space features the Minosa ScoopED washbasin finished in Glacier White Corian, other modern features are the linear stip drain that runs the length of the bathroom to allow the use of over sized floor tiles. It also adds a great contrast to the dark floor tiles and finishes of the modern design.

Lighting is a large feature of this modern bathroom as it is in a terrace development there is no external window or natural light so the use of artifical light is crucial to this bathroom design.

Personally I love the look of the textured wall tiles and the use of the concealed flurocent light to high light the stunning feature tile, it also offers a great backdrop to the freestanding bathtub.

To read more about this wonderful modern bathroom grab a copy of the Current Inside Out Magazine (March-April 2010)this bathroom is featured in the kitchen & bathroom section.

Images Supplied by Tom Ferguson Design

This stunning modern bathroom is a real show stopper & with no natural light the contrast between the black & white tiles offers a real sense of balance and a striking overall feature. The modern bathroom featuring Minosa basin & products


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  2. how big is the shower area i want a walk in but am worried about the space being to small



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