Bathroom Vanities - Finally the Modern Bathroom Vanity Grows Up

Finally! The modern bathroom vanity has grown up; gone are the days of the wall to wall joinery that is more in place in the kitchen rather than the bathroom vanity area. Bespoke bathroom furniture pieces that are more sophisticated in their design and manufacture are becoming more widely accepted and utilised by the Sydney & Melbourne market place.

Our new Lift Up wall cabinet for the modern bathroom is a great new design idea for these bathroom types, at first glance it is just a generous mirror applied to the wall but is really so much more; Recessed into the wall (all bathrooms have one) it makes use of the space that is generally (always) forgotten. It gives great bathroom storage and will make your bathroom feel that much larger as you can just float a beautiful basin & or bench bellow it, there no bulky joinery item taking over the space. Also by eliminating the joinery below the handbasin you can get right up close to the basin and you will never have to move to access your products & personal affects.

The other design idea is running strip LED lights underneath or all the way around the carcase for that touch of Hollywood! You can match that with some LED lights under the floated washbasin/bench to create a real bathing retreat....

The other cool thing we are very happy to see is the removal of White internals to the cabinet! The use of dark colours and even Black means your products stand out more and it is a lot more sophisticated, couple this with very clever hinge technology so the doors can lift up effortlessly and softly close, this new cabinet revolutionises good old bathroom shaving cabinet!

When you stop and think, we start and finish our day in the bathroom so why not go the extra few steps! So thankfully the Modern bathroom vanity has finally grown up & with the this great new bathroom design idea from Minosa you can now utilise space that has generally been forgotten.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas by Minosa


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