Small bathroom that packs a lot of design into a small space!

Minosa ScoopED washbasin & Gessi Ovale Tapware sit nicely on the Bisazza Wall

Bathroom Design Brief;
Create a bathroom space that had a touch of glamour, a space that is playful enough for two young girls now and sophisticated enough as they grow into young women. Select bathroom products that are of a very hi standard with a great use of storage and lighting.
Good storage/Joinery and a good use of artificial light as there is no natural light
•Bathroom Fixtures & fittings required  - Wall mounted washbasin that is easy to care for, hi quality tapware, in-wall cistern, good storage & integrated bath with the main bathroom tile being Travertine

The Constraints
A small bathroom space with a structural pier, restrictions on the relocation of floor waste locations, no natural light..
A lot of bathroom products to incorporate into the design concept with a very small footprint

Design solution
The Minosa designer choose to create false walls which allowed for the use of a in-wall cistern and also allowed the use of a wall mounted washbasin and wall mounted tapware, this would have been impossible without the creation of this centre wall. The dwarf walls on either side of the centre wall allowed for recessed wall cabinets above, we applied bi-fold mechanisms to allow for better access to these cabinets.
Bisazza glass mosaic tiles were selected and applied to the centre feature wall and shower recess to add the playful/sophisticated touch
Lighting was the next step it had to play a large part in the bathroom design as there is no window or natural light into the bathroom. The use of LED was applied to the underside of the washbasin to highlight the space to give a feeling of space, two Catalina & Smith "Sweet Lights" were selected for their decorative appeal, these lights give an amazing shadowing affect which plays beautifully with the decorative Bisazza tile.  Recessed low voltage downlight are then applied over the necessary area. These area’s are separately switched for great control.
Design statement
The clever use of recessed joinery gives this small bathroom a feeling of space, the lighting creates a dramatic felling of luxury whilst engaging with the small scale of this floor plan. Coupled with quality bathroom fixtures and fittings this bathroom is a raging playful success.

LOVE the double decoration of the tiles & the Sweet Lights

What looks like a mirror is actually a cabinet & the LED lights under the basin adds areal depth to the room


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