Need help with the Design of your Kitchen or Bathroom

The biggest mis conception is that designers will cost you money! the simple fact is we are specialists in our field and will more than likely SAVE you engaging a Designer to assist you with your Kitchen, Bathroom or interior you get to use the knowledge and experience that has been collected over a long period of time.

You greatly reduce your risk of getting something wrong and it not working properly for you , we can ensure the palette is current and will last the test of time...and most importantly in todays market place of "we are the best thing since slice bread" we can help you wade thru what seems like a never ending sales pitch on "we are the best"!

To celebrate the opening of our new design studio in Alexandria we are offering (potential) new clients the opportunity to sit down with one of our award winning kitchen and bathroom designers and run thru your scope of works and the plans you have in place...this information could be invaluable to your outcome and it is completely obligation free..visit or call the showroom and make a booking..if you are not in Sydney we can still assist...send a email to and we will give you a call.


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