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Minosa’s® latest Hung Lift cabinet and Double Scoop®ED washbasin collection combine smart design, premium materials and functionality for the modern bathroom

New to Minosa®, designers of quality modern bathroom products & bathrooms and kitchens, is the Hung Lift cabinet and Double Scoop®ED washbasin collection. The bespoke Australian designed and manufactured bathroom pieces are a fusion of beautiful organic form and fine design & craftsmanship.

Denoting the quintessential “perfect couple”, both hand basin and recessed cabinet can be seamlessly wall fixed, symmetrically and harmoniously, as if floating in space. Space and water efficient, the products are created from enduring materials while cleverly incorporating the often-overlooked virtue of practicality. The clean horizontal lines, quality material selection and attention to detail in the finish of the modern contemporary designed products conjure the much-desired calming aesthetic sought after in the sanctuary of today’s bathroom.

A modern interpretation of the traditional idea of shaving, Hung Lift cabinet and Double Scoop®ED washbasin provide generous and clutter-free amenity. Everyone and everything can have a place, making an ideal solution for multiple users of a bathroom simultaneously without physically or visually imposing on a space.

The products are signature of Minosa®’s carefully resolved thinking, which blends design and construction expertise. Co-directors, interior designer Simona Castagna, and Darren Genner a skilled craftsman and former wood machinist, are the creative team behind the brand, who work collaboratively on all designs. Such special considerations are highlighted in Hung Lift’s larger lift up style cabinetry doors which means less unsightly joins, being recessed into the wall saves on space in look and feel, the convenient functionality of the door brake system to place items in easy reach of tall and short people alike, while distinctive charcoal interiors make a feature of the contents.
The Minosa fixed waste will not retain water and makes it the perfect choice for light commercial or for those who do not retain water in their Hand basin..
Hidden storage for the modern bathroom...increase the visual appeal of the bathroom setting

The door is engineered to brake when you release the door and defies gravity when opened

The Minosa take of the traditional shaving cabinet - by creating two large doors you eliminate that annoying split in the door which is always over the basin!

The door defies Gravity!
A further example is the intriguing shallow depth of the Double Scoop®ED washbasin that creates a dramatic comparison to other washbasins in the market place.  To accommodate the reduced bowl capacity and lessened water requirement, while ingeniously preventing splash, the designers have reduced the flow rate emanating from the spout.

Bowl capacity 1.4Litres - how much do you need?

Deceptive in its depth
“Reducing the speed and volume of water flow from the spout has the effect of water conforming to the shape of the bowl rather than repelling against it,” explains Darren of a feature that he estimates saves a massive 15 thousand litres per annum.

The Double Scoop®ED washbasin like its single bowl counterpart is an intelligent shallow design that challenges our daily water consumption needs and usage with its inherent offer of a solution to counteract wasteful habits.

 “Each bowl has a 1.4 litres water capacity, compared to the average 5 to 8 litres – that’s more than enough for people to perform daily tasks like shaving or taking a wash,” contests Darren.

As a standard the basin is supplied with a Minosa® Flip Waste, an intelligent solution that replaces the traditional waste and plug system whereby the flip section of the Minosa® Flip Waste (the plug), spins 360 degrees on every axis.

For commercial (or residential) applications there is the option of specifiying the Minosa® free flowing fixed waste system whereby the centre of the free flowing waste system is adjustable to help with the flow of water. This addresses the increasingly popular behaviour of end-users who prefer not to dam or retain water in a washbasin. The trend also towards smaller footprints for new homes, the rise of apartment and townhouse living and renovations are points not missed by the Minosa® design team.  To assist in maximising available space without comprising the intended functionality of bathroom product, the Double ScoopED washbasin is available in a choice of lengths with various bowl locations while the Hung Lift cabinet is available in either single door or double door configurations in a choice of standard or customised lengths. Allowing a bathroom to suit individual preferences in look and function, both products are available in a selection of quality materials and colours. 

“Bathroom storage is ideally minimalist in design, yet extremely functional and flexible. Materials and finish should be the very best to stand the test of time in the high traffic bathrooms and powder rooms,” says Simona.

The added beauty of local Sydney based manufacture can be experienced via short lead times, attention to quality assurance and the face to face specification and installation advice at Minosa Gallery directly with the designers.

Here’s a snapshot of the special features setting these products apart in the market:

Minosa® Double Scoop®ED washbasin.
Ø  Water saving design: shallow basin design in tandem with reduced water flow rate from the tap cuts water use by approximately 15 thousand litres per annum.
Ø  Unique shallow washbasin design is minus the splash, and consistent with all Minosa® supplied product is adjusted to a recommended flow rate of 4-6 litres per minute.
Ø  Choice of bench lengths in either 1600mm or 1800mm.
Ø  Handcrafted from premium Corian® by Dupont® ensures the Double Scoop®ED washbasins offer aesthetic appeal, exceptional durability, along with stain and mildew resistance qualities.
Ø  Low maintenance and easy to clean with a cloth or sponge and warm soapy water or for more stubborn stains apply a mild abrasive cleaner.
Ø  Totally integrated bench and washbasin courtesy of seamless wrapping and grain matching of horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Ø  A choice of 8 colours: Cameo White, Canvas, Concrete, Fossil, Glacier White, Jasmine, Rice Paper & Venaro White.
Ø  The washbasin is supplied complete with dry seal, chrome flip-waste with 32mm thread, O-ring, chrome spacer and locknut.
Ø  Handcrafted quality Australian design and manufacture to order.
Ø  3 year limited warranty.
Ø  Supply 10-15 working days from order placement.

Grand Designs LIVE Sydney 2012- the art by bathing by Minosa 
Grand Designs LIVE Sydney 2012- the art by bathing by Minosa 
Abey showroom in South Melbounre

3D Design presentation to one of our clients

3D Design presentation to one of our clients
3D Design presentation to one of our clients

Sydney project - LED light integration under cabinet

Sydney project - LED light integration under cabinet
Minosa® Hung Lift - recessed wall cabinet
Ø  Joinery carcass is recessed into wall space, depth 180mm to minimise visual and spatial impact on bathroom. Designed to suit 90mm stud wall but fits into most wall types.
Ø  Single or double door option in standard or custom sizes.
Ø  Single configuration. Standard sizes: 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1200mm plus custom sizes available.
Ø  Double door configuration, Standard sizes: 1400mm, 1600mm,m1800mm; custom sizes available.
Ø  Glass shelves allow light to pass through for improved product visibility and aesthetic appeal.
Ø  Charcoal interiors (instead of conventional white) allowing showcasing of products.
Ø  Innovative lift up door mechanism. Door braking system suspends door at whatever height it’s left open. Soft closure capability is integrated into hinges.
Ø  Spaces for products and accessories are positioned directly above separate basins providing a clutter free, easy to access bathroom experience for end users.
Ø  Low maintenance easy clean with an all-purpose nonabrasive and acetone free cleaning product applied with a soft cloth.
Ø  Accommodates integrated LED strip lighting to top and bottom.
Ø  Handcrafted quality Australian design and manufacture to order.
Ø  Supply 4 week lead-time from order placement.
Ø  3 year limited warranty.

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