Parents Retreat - Our latest bathroom and master bedroom design concept

Check out our latest bathroom and master bedroom design concept for our Canberra project.

Project - Curtain House ACT
Project Role
1. Design and documentation including 3D realisation of all wet areas including Parents Retreat; also including the Kitchen & Living rooms
2. Supply of bathroom products including - Bespoke Minosa washbasin & storage solutions also including all Gessi tapware

Create a modern environment for husband and wife to share, the space was to be a retreat from their busy lives and with the thought of a growing family it had to be a space that allowed escape. 

The space need to allow these newly weds a area were they could both function and not get in the way of each other; a professional couple the space need to allow both to function in the space with out the other being in the others way (or hogging the mirror) 

As the property was well underway as far as construction goes we were restricted by the existing walls and set downs into these spaces we also had to work with existing window locations.

the space has been created so two adults can both perform all daily tasks with out interference...the Parents Retreat! Whilst one is showering the can be getting ready for the day without any steam effecting the mirror..

Design Solution
We decided to divide the spaces up to create zones, there is the sleeping zone with a oversized slider accessing the ensuite zone. This door would remain open for the most part mainly there for the cold climate and heating purposes thru these colder months.

The Ensuite zone was divided up into personal vanity with the wardrobe intersecting the space and full length mirror applied to two of the wardrobe doors, the "vanity" unit includes our new vision were there is a horizontal mirror for most of your habitual functions and then a dressing area at the end of the space with recessed LED lighting to allow for make up...the LED lights at the end of the space gives the space a lot of depth and makes the narrow ish space feel that much larger. 

We have selected the Minosa recycled bench to run thru this space to give a work surface in the vanity area and also help accentuate the length of the room the lovely piece of recycled timber adds a lot of warmth to the space. 

The other two zones with in the space is the toilet which is concealed behind the wall so it is out of site, there is also another storage cabinet in this space for all of the extra rolls and cleaning products. Backing onto the loo is the shower....a 1600mm long enclosure which is clad with natural stone and a full height glass door creating a great shower recess for this cold climate home. This also isolates the steam allowing the rest of the bathroom space to remain open to the bedroom.

From a material selection point of view we have used the same floor boards as the main living room which is a engineered timber floor, this runs thru the bedroom and into the vanity area, then in the two wet areas (toilet & shower) we have used the Pietra Grey stone with a custom pattern. 

We have then applied to the dividing wall of the bathroom the amazing Bisazza with Swarovski crystal mosaic, this brings a little bit of bling and elegance to the Parents Retreat. 

What do you think are you a fan of these spaces becoming more open and multi function? we would love to hear your thoughts on this new bathroom concept - The Parents retreat....


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