the art of bathing exhibition 1 @ Grand Designs LIVE Sydney

WELL! We can only say what a response....the amount of people and the wonderful words of encouragement by all that visited our first the art of bathing exhibition...we thank you and look forward to helping those searching for something different and a little less "standard" for their bathroom products over the coming weeks and months.

for those that missed the Grand Designs LIVE event we will have sections of the stand here at 8 Stokes Ave Alexandria up until Christmas 2012. So if you want see what you missed out come down and see the latest cutting edge bathroom products.....

Our staff would love to run your thru this incredible collection of bathroom products....our voices are slowly returning. 

For all of those that entered our Grand Give away...thank you! We can not quite believe the response really...we have had over 2ooo entries and the winners will be posted here and on our FaceBook page tomorrow.

The photographs are coming in and we will be sure to share these with you once they are in....

We are very excited....the art of bathing by Minosa is here!


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