A project without a Plan is a Plan to fail!

So the pitfalls of building or renovating! We have all heard of them and for those entering into this or currently engaged with a project we can not stress enough...create a plan! If you are building on the fly or have started a project without the fine details decided, then chances are you have already done something twice or you will most definitely do something twice. Take stock and create a plan, a clear plan for all of your trades to fully understand.

A plan is not just a piece of paper that shows were all of the appliances and so on go, when detailed correctly it gives everybody on site a action plan and something to refer to, it gives your builder, plumber & electrician a clear picture of what they are building for you and will take out a lot of guess work. 

Can i afford a designer? Yes of course you can but more importantly, can i afford NOT to have a designer? By taking the guess work out of the design process you/we can eliminate problems long before they happen, with computer technology being so advanced these days design is no longer just a set of plans and elevations....your plan can be in 3D with full colour so you can realise long before any work has been carried out if those complementing colours are working or if the dinning room table should go the other way...you can fully understand the dynamics of your space months if not years before it is completed.

Minosa have packages that make deign affordable, from in house sketch design right thru to full design and documentation it is up to you. Just think if you do things once then maybe you can afford that nicer cooktop or bathroom basin...those italian taps instead of the ones made in China! These need to be your considerations...

Remember that long after the price is forgotten you are only left with one thing...that is the quality! 

To see a sample of our design and documentation please click here

Visit our Gallery of 3D Rendered images created for our previous clients. HERE

If you would like to speak with one of our award winning designers please call 02 8090 9039 or visit our showroom at 8 Stokes Ave Alexandria..don't forget to bring your plans! 



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