The Centre of attention - The modern home theatre by Minosa Design

Our Portland St Design project has had rave reviews and picked up the Corian Design Award! Kitchen, Bathroom and Interior Design by Minosa

Project - Dover Heights NSW

Project Role
*Design and documentation including 3D realisation of the entire interior. 
*Supply of bathroom products including - Bespoke Minosa washbasin and storage solutions also including all Gessi tapware
*Supply and management of kitchen and all interior joinery to main areas of this stunning home

The centre of attention

As more people cocoon in the comfort of their own houses, home theatres are gaining appeal. They can provide an ideal setting for a romantic evening or a rowdy get-together with friends to watch the big game.

In contrast to most rooms, where homeowners clamour for light, the fewer windows the better in a home cinema. In the case of the space featured here, the client wanted a strong, bold look, so designer Darren Genner chose dark brown for the walls and ceiling to create a cave-like feel. He hid the room's single window behind a dark brown curtain

"The dark room is unexpected. It's a shock when you come downstairs," the designer says.

Unusually, this home theatre features a cement floor for a raw, stripped-down look. To highlight the trowel marks left by the finishers 2% black oxide was added. Genner describes the cement finish as more of a liquid flooring. About 6mm was poured over a concrete slab.

Hard surfaces can be a problem because of echoes. To deaden any reverberations, Genner installed three acoustic panels in the ceiling and acoustic panelling on one wall. The long brown sofa and bright orange beanbag also absorb sound.

The hard floor still causes a few echoes but they remain within acceptable levels, the designer says. 

Writing in red grease pencil was left on the ceiling after construction was complete to add to the rawness of the underground room.
The lighting carries on the cinematic feel. Ceiling spotlights can be dimmed when the projector is in use. Lights set in the floor provide upward illumination without detracting from the screen.
Blue LED lights above the bar and from the refrigerator also provide illumination during the show. The tiny lights reflect off the stainless steel benchtop, giving enough light to grab some mid-movie refreshments. 

It's easy to fetch a bottle of wine from the temperature-controlled wine cellar that opens off the screening room. In keeping with the style of the theatre, coated rebar, or thin steel bars, was used for the wine racks, which hold up to 2000 bottles. 

A tiny lavatory, dominated by a black glass mosaic of a face, completes the space.
"The kids love it. They think it's the greatest playroom ever," Genner says. "It's a great room for watching the football."

3D walk thru provided to the client during the construction & design phase of the build

Interior designer : Darren Genner and Simona Castagna, Minosa (Sydney)
Projector : Ben-q
DVD player and sound system : Pioneer
Audio : In-wall and floor speakers by Radia
Acoustic floor coverings : Pandomo flooring by Concrete Artisans
Acoustic wallcoverings : Acoustic cloth and custom panelling
Acoustic/blackout curtains : Triple-back metallic fabric from France
Theatre seating : Custom made
Story by Lori Nims
Photography by Brett Boardman


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