The CB10 semi recessed basin & vanity - clever storage ideas

Minosa CB10 semi recessed washbasin & vanity unit

DesignersDarren Genner & Simona Castagna

Manufacturer: Minosa

Description:Minosa’s new CB10 semi recessed vanity unit has been developed to provide a sleek and customisable solution for small powder rooms and bathroom spaces without sacrificing on design. The CB10 washbasin’s small size is coupled with a compact yet clever vanity unit that has been designed to maximize storage space. By positioning the basin off center the maximum usable storage space is created below. Sleek bifold doors open away from the user to deliver easy access and the glass shelf not only adds sophistication to the interior but also allows for increased visibility of products by allowing you to see through the shelf to the content below. Developed by the award winning Minosa design team, the vanity’s integrated CB10 washbasin is made of high quality and easy to maintain Corian® by Du PontTM and boasts a high quality
2 pac polyurethane finish. With a range of optional coloured basin bases also available, the CB10 semi recessed vanity unit allows for easy customisation to suit any interior.

Retail price: from $3650

Stockists: All inquiries please contact
02 8090 9039

The CB10 semi recessed basin and vanity - clever storage ideas


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