Bathroom Vanity - Minosa creates the modern interpretation VANITY

Large mirrors, clever storage, work zones and smart lighting..thats the modern vanity
Bathroom Furniture - "Vanity"

Hung Lift by Minosa™ 
the shaving cabinet is finally redefined!

Ø  Joinery carcass is recessed into wall space, depth 180mm to minimise visual and spatial impact on bathroom. Designed to suit 90mm stud wall but fits into most wall types.
Ø  Single or double door option in standard or custom sizes.
Ø  Single configuration. Standard sizes: 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1200mm plus custom sizes available.
Ø  Double door configuration, Standard sizes: 1400mm, 1600mm,m1800mm; custom sizes available.
Ø  Glass shelves allow light to pass through for improved product visibility and aesthetic appeal.
Ø  Charcoal interiors (instead of conventional white) allowing showcasing of products.
Ø  Innovative lift up door mechanism. Door braking system suspends door at whatever height it’s left open. Soft closure capability is integrated into hinges.
Ø  Spaces for products and accessories are positioned directly above separate basins providing a clutter free, easy to access bathroom experience for end users.
Ø  Low maintenance easy clean with an all-purpose nonabrasive and acetone free cleaning product applied with a soft cloth.
Ø  Accommodates integrated LED strip lighting to top and bottom.
Ø  Handcrafted quality Australian design and manufacture to order.
Ø  Supply 4 week lead-time from order placement.
Ø  3 year limited warranty.

Lift up doors will brake were ever you let go and then will incredibly soft close....

Bathroom Vanity - Minosa creates the modern interpretation VANITY


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