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Is this art imitating life? how many of you out there really have troubles understanding the design concepts you are trying to achieve? I am sure there is a lot of you, you need not struggle thru your exciting projects..the journey of design is just as important as the result, i would also argue that with out the journey in design the result will not be the same! 

The most important thing to consider when contemplating this journey, is to engage with people who share the vision of your desired results. We can not all work with everyone so it is important to employee  people you trust and then it is a matter of holding hands and going on a journey.

By no means am i suggesting that this will make it problem free! no project will ever go from start to finish with out hurdles! they most certainly will all have them but if you have on board people you respect and trust it can make all the difference in these situations. The incredible thing with computer technology is that you get a chance long before anything is installed to get a good idea of the dynamics of space, the one thing you are missing from a set of plans is the 3rd dimension...in CAD land that is the z axis!

This "Z Axis" is a very critical element in understanding, as you get the chance to see how objects, colours, walls & light relate with each other and the more realistic the CAD image, the more chance there is of success as there is not a lot of places to hide with 3D images they are truly dynamic.

These type of images give a builder or any tradesman working on a project a great understanding of the results you are searching for and it will help resolve issues and prevent that call from the builder saying "i need to know now. the guys are here now" almost backing you into a corner.

Wether you engage Minosa Design to assist with your design or not, i would always stress that you to those of you who struggle with understanding plans & elevations fully to engage with a 3D designer to help put you in the picture.

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