Mimmee washbasin the perfect choice for Residential or Commercial wash basins.

Minosa - Mimmee Washbasin 

DesignersDarren Genner and Simona Castagna

Aesthetically sharp and exceptionally functional, the Mimmee features faultiness craftsmanship. Handcrafted from the premium quality material, Corian by Dupont, the Mimme boasts sleek finishes and a modern take on a classic design.

Care and Maintenance
Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the qualities and performance benefits of Corian include its outstanding durability, stain and mildew resistance and its overall ease to clean. For general maintenance, use a cloth or sponge and warm soapy water. For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild abrasive cleaner to ensure the Corian surface sparkles.

Washbasin, dry seal, chrome flip-waste with 32mm thread, O ring, chrome spacer and locknut

Water Flow Rate
Designed to work in conjunction with Minosa’s revolutionary water reduction device, the Mimmee is the perfect choice for those seeking to limit excessive water consumption and splashing. We recommend the water flow at a rate of 4-6 litres per minute for all Minosa washbasins. Contact your sales consultant for further information.

Available Colours
Glacier White only

Lead Time
10-15 days

3 year limited warranty

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured
Manufacturer: Minosa

Stockists: All inquiries please contact
02 8090 9039 

The Mimmee washbasin is a shinning example of quality Australian design and manufacture. Our aim is to always support Australian Made with the products we design it is the only way we can control the quality the luxury bathroom clients are searching for. 


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