Balmain Kitchen - Working with one wall!

A small Balmain workers cottage gets a modern overhaul...the walls come down to reveal a stunning kitchen with no visible pantry or small appliances. 

This kitchen is organised from benchtop to floor with no wasted space! 

The well thought space.....

A great example of our process, from design brief and measure to CAD design and the to can really see how affective the CAD presentation can be.

see the YouTube video of our presentation to client client HERE


  1. How smartly put all the things with creative ideas.The smart ideas and the appliance fitting can easily placed and makes it really beautiful.
    Stylish luxury interior designer

  2. Amazing kitchen design. I have to say that I am totally impressed with your work. I am looking for remodeling my kitchen and I have got a lot of ideas from this design. Thanks to you. Recently I have seen some more kitchen designing ideas on a website. Those were really fantastic.

  3. Astonishing design!! The innovative idea of enriching kitchen with the luxury of assets is commendable. Marvelous combination of styles to provide the perfect artistry to the place. I think that it is lavish designing that makes it more attractive and distinguished varied with the categories of perfection.



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