The elements of the modern bathroom - what's new - Rain Showers

The elements of the modern bathroom, what's new and what has changed! It seems as though we are always talking about design trends and what is new and what is hot in the world of design and in this case bathrooms..but i think we need to step away from trends and ask our selves what have we come to expect, why are we renovating or building a new home? 

The simple answer here is we want something that is better! 

Today we feature the Rain Shower.

Ceiling mounted rain soaker

In Australia much has been said and written about water, whether we will run our whether we have to focus on saving water & our WELS labelling system. I am not here today to debate these issues. We have to abide and work with in the rules that are set.....So WELS is here & what does it mean.

WELS = Water efficiency labelling system; effectively it means using less water & to a lot of us that LOVE our showers we first think NO!!!!! I want a shower head that will give me lots of water....well with the rain shower you need not worry. As the heads are generally very large they will offer you a very wet shower.

Today i am going to defend the system as in the case of RAIN SHOWERS you 

This new design feature to the modern bathroom is a MUST have in our opinion as the relaxing nature of a body of water hitting you does extend a state of wellness. the water is soft but on mass it will leave you well washed and incredible relaxed.....

The only problem is you will want to have more than one a day.....ENJOY 

Here is a selection of wonderful examples of Rain showers...not all are in Australia yet....

Flush with the ceiling is slick and modern style
Gessi 3mm is a stunning feature coming out of the wall

Light Therapy is gain momentum for the relaxing rain shower

Just insert me.....
Meteo by Antonio Lupi - Light therapy 

Turbine controlled LED in 3mm - the water will generate electricity and turn on with the when in use


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