Minosa basins - The Australian made story

The Minosa washbasin collection made with Corian - 2001 to now 2013......

"Our goal is to make available in Australia, high quality locally manufactured product, that was made to order, crafted by artisans, not mass produced, and that was up there with the best in the world - in design, workmanship, trends, use of the finest materials, aesthetic, performance and lead times"

Think back to 2003, Sydney and Australia had a real water crisis...the design team at Minosa set out to create a range of washbasins that would challenge the end user to consider their water consumption and the effects excess water consumption (over a long period) had or was effecting all of us.

We studied and got to understand the way water behaves with more and less volume...and the result were simple, the more water the bigger the splash, slow water down and it does not have the same effect. Once water is slowed it will actually conform or follow the shape it is hitting as long as it is parallel to the surface. 

Our collection of washbasins may be flatter than those on the market but they are larger in size (length & width) and with less water being used this gives a greater catchment for the little drops...

THE PUDDLE   Our first washbasin
With its revolutionary design, The Puddle® boasts the ability to drastically reduce excessive water consumption making it the perfect choice for both a commercial setting, such as restaurants and bars, and residential bathrooms. Handcrafted from the premium quality material, Corian® by Dupont™, The Puddle® features beautiful form and is highly functional.  

Incredible image by Andrew Goldie of our Fixed waste system shows how the water when soft hits the surface and then flattens out
Stop the splash!
Designed to work in conjunction with Minosa™ revolutionary water reduction device, The Puddle® is the perfect choice for those seeking to limit excessive water consumption and prevent the water from splashing. We recommend the water flow at a rate of 4-6 litres per minute for all Minosa™ washbasins. Contact your sales consultant for further information. 

Design 2003 by Simona Castagna and Darren Genner 
Design registered

The Puddle washbasin in Venaro White Corian
The Puddle wahsbasin in Glacier White Corian - Set on the incredible Bisazza wall.
The official launch of The Puddle washbasin at the DesignEX show in Melbourne 2003. 
The Puddle redefines the Powder room wash basin, small spaces feel that much larger when you have only a 12mm thin hand basin!
The Puddle in Black Corian - Nocturne
A little more of a classic setting, this powder room come spare bathroom (hidden behind the wall)  and its travertine clad space gives a real classically modern contemporary feel!
The Puddle was a instant hit! so we explored bowl depth...people wanted the look of The Puddle but needed more depth to perform their daily habits such as face washing and shaving...the answer is the Scoop washbasin. We again set out to analysis just how much water we felt was required to perform these daily functions and we feel that a litre of water should be more than enough 

SCOOP   We needed more depth
Sleek and ergonomically-shaped, the Scoop is handcrafted and designed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings in either a residential or commercial setting. Featuring a subtle concaved surface and a bowl capacity of 1.4 litres, the Scoop boasts both aesthetic appeal and environmental properties when combined with Minosa’s revolutionary water reduction device.

Design 2003 by Simona Castagna and Darren Genner 
Design registered

Scoop basin in Glacier White

Close up of the Scoop washbasin

The Scoop washbasin set on the Milana bench system is a really striking bathroom idea for those that want something different!
Deceptively deep! the bowl will retain 1.4litres of water
A trip to the MIlan fair in 2004 gave us a real clear vision, we sore that a lot of the leading brands world wide were going away from porcelain and design and manufacturing basin made of other materials such as Corian, Glass and even wood....there was a real shift to create bathroom products that were more sculptural and refined rather than these large oversized & in the most part clunky hand basins! 

What we came up with from this was the Ovo washbasin


With its curvaceous form and contrasting sharp detail, the Ovo washbasin exhibits a beautiful contradiction. The Ovo really highlights its hand made nature with its stunning sharp edge detail.

Together with the flip-waste, the Ovo is designed to capture and retain water making it the perfect choice for everyday bathing. 

Ovo washbasin in CAT 2 Recycled range of Corian
Ovo washbasin on Milana drawer unit with Colourback Glass wall panels
Residential or Commercial settings


Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™
Organically formed to provoke evolutionary change, the Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ is a timeless design piece that exudes style. The craftsmanship of this washbasin is evident in every detail from the meticulous selection of material, Corian® to the beautiful way the horizontal and vertical surfaces are seamlessly wrapped & grain matched.

Evoke, Provoke & Evolve!

Design, Innovation and Practicality.

Minosa™ wanted to push the boundaries of the Australian market by producing a collection of washbasins that questioned all the market thought was normal! The inspiration behind the Scoop®ED washbasin was to integrate the bench & washbasin to one seamless surface; one that appears to float in the selected space & secondly to force the market place to question their daily water consumption and habits!

The Scoop®ED washbasin has a dramatically reduced bowl depth to other washbasins available in the market place. By reducing the bowl capacity you effectively have to reduce the flow rate coming from the spout in order to prevent splashing. By reducing the speed and volume of water coming from the spout you find that water actually conforms to a shape rather than repealing against it! This effectively reduces your water consumption by approximately 15 thousand litres per annum!!

The Scoop®ED washbasins bowl is very deceptive; the bowl will actually retain 1.4L of water which we consider to be more than enough for people to perform their daily habits such as shaving & face washing. Alternatively for those that do not dam (retain) water in their washbasin and for those countries that do not use a floor waste as a national standard there is also the choice of the Minosa™ free flowing fixed waste system. With an ever growing part of the market place not retaining water in their washbasin, this waste system is the ideal choice.

Apart from the water saving qualities of the Scoop®ED washbasin we also wanted to manufacture the product utilizing a material that had outstanding environmental qualities. We chose to utilise Corian® as it meets with all of our sustainability requirements. Being 100% renewable means that the Scoop®ED washbasin will stand the test of time!
The other added advantage of Corian® is that there is such a range of colours allowing our clients a choice other than industry standard - White!

The Scoop®ED washbasin has a great range of options; two length options of 900 & 1200mm with the option of having the bowls located in the centre, right hand or left hand side. There is also a double version in two sizes 1600 & 1800mm that has similar options...this stunning washbasin / bench can also be customised to your length.....

The Scoop®ED washbasin is a shining example of quality Handcrafted Australian design. Every piece from the Minosa™ collection is hand made to order locally here in Sydney.

ScoopED in CAT 2 Recycled Range with Alessia two drawer unit and Hung Shaving Cabinets
ScoopED washbasin (with no splashing)
ScoopED washbasin in Venaro White Corian
1.4 Litres in the Scoop bowl...how much do you need to shave in?
Double ScoopED basin and the NEW Hung Lift recessed wall cabinet
Cameo White Corian - ScoopED
The ScoopED washbasin 1200mm feature with the new Accent Latitude tapware range
Double ScoopED with left hand bowl locations....Glacier White Corian finish
With products like these who wants to hide them behind a wall! The emergence of the open plan parents retreat thanks to beautiful bathroom products...and open minds!

Grand Designs LIVE Sydney 2012 the release of our "Vanity" concepts

With its classic and minimalist design, the Kava promises to complement most bathroom settings. Handcrafted with the premium and hard-wearing design material, Corian by Dupont, this beautiful washbasin will look new for years to come.

Kava wash basin


CB10 washbasin by Minosa™

NEW concept basin 2010
NEW concept basin 2010
Glacier White Corian
Add a splash of colour, the CB10 with the new Corian Colour Evolution colours at this years Grand Designs LIVE event in Sydney - the art of bathing by Minosa

Add a splash of colour, the CB10 with the new Corian Colour Evolution colours at this years Grand Designs LIVE event in Sydney - the art of bathing by Minosa

Add a splash of colour, the CB10 with the new Corian Colour Evolution colours at this years Grand Designs LIVE event in Sydney - the art of bathing by Minosa

CB10 washbasin with integrated Corian bench..Minosa take on the traditional semi recessed bowl..
Our Material of Choice

Corian - WHY?
We chose Corian® by Dupont™ as our material of choice to create our range of washbasins for a few reasons. 
1. it is the worlds leading solid surface material and no other solid surface is Corian all other materials that are Corian "LIKE" are just that "LIKE" No other has been around the same length of time and at Minosa we pride ourselves on Design integrity and doing things first! 
2. Corian® by Dupont™ is effortless to live with and is renewable, so if something was to happen to you basin say you drop something and lets face it everything is breakable! we could in most cases repair the product and you would never know we have been there...other products would end up as landfill - so we now add longevity.
3. Local Manufacture - By using Corian® by Dupont™ as our material of choice it meant we could hand make our products locally to order rather than mass producing off shore & it gives our clients choice! in most cases other than just White! 
4. It is beautiful to touch! Corian® by Dupont™, has a real velvet feel to once sanded this makes our range of washbasins really tactile which we feel is very important!


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