Shallow basins and splashing

If we had a dollar for every time we hear "i lobe the basins but can you make then deeper" we would be sitting on a beach somewhere...the below video show two things 

1. The first video was taken in a hotel a few weeks back whilst at a training conference and what it shows is that we have been wasting water for SO long and it is still going on. This is a 1970 ish type building and you can see the reason why you need a deep basin...there is around 30 litres of water firing out of the spout and as soon as it hits my hand it juts wants to go EVERYWHERE.

A flat wash basin will never work in with this amount of water

2. What happens when you use lest water..what you will see in this video taken from one of our installations is that when apply our thinking to your hand basin the water is actually very soft and water behaves differently when it is soft. 

In the first video the water is hard and it repels against any surface it hits, the hand of the basin itself that is why the basins are deep and the tap is almost inside the basin but when we slow the water down like in the second video the water actually follow the shape of the surface it hits. So when it hits a flat surface the water just goes flat of when it hits my hand it just flows around my hand not bounce everywhere

So there are two really cool things at play you can get a really refined wash basin one that is not as clunky as those sold in all of the major bathroom outlets and secondly but implementing our suggestions you can effectively save a LOT of water per annum thus saving you win really :)


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