Elements of the Modern Bathroom - Wash Basins

The modern bathroom - Sinks, hand basin or Wash basins....

We have seen a real shift in styles over the years as you expect but the biggest change we have seen in hand basin, sinks or washbasins is the material choices. There is plethora of choices no days, from the standard Vitreous China, glass, man made materials like Corian or Concrete there really is a endless supply of varying products out there.

Antonio Lupi


Antonio Lupi
Antonio Lupi
Custom Concrete 
What has driven this? I think design and the markets intent on creating wonderful bathroom spaces is at the head of it...designers pushing boundaries to come up with the great design piece or something better that the next.

Flat basin area

Bisazza Hayon
From the Minosa point of view we chose Corian as we could manufacture our products one at a time and to order hence decreasing our impact and the need for massive warehousing.


With everything you put in your home, research and understand the materials and the people behind them...there are a lot of knock offs out there these days and just make sure of what you are buying...there really is nothing "like" the real thing. Support the original designs it is our job to create new and interesting elements, if we do not there will be nothing to copy!!

Hope you have enjoyed our selection of wonderful hand basins, sinks & washbasins from all parts of the globe. There is an incredible amount of modern contemporary basins out there today. Enjoy.....


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