Parents Retreats is this the new trend of Interior Design?

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Over the years we have seen movements in interior spaces that have really made big impacts on how we live our lives and how we socially connect with our family and friends.

There was the open plan kitchen that has effectively revolutionized the way  we live and connect with all members of the household, the indoor out door connection where the humble back door is now meters of glass that opens and allows a seamless connection to the outside cooking and entertaining areas become part of the interior space hence increasing our internal or living space.

So what's next!

The Parents Retreat -

We are starting to see potentially the next big thing! The Parents Retreat....our lives as want to be home owners is getting busier & busier and the chance  to share space with our loved ones is becoming something we crave and need to justify how hard we are working.

So "the parents retreat" this space is replacing the humble Ensuite...the once tacked on narrow bathroom with a small shower at one end and a toilet at the other, the vanity in the centre with small to no storage. This is being replaced with a large space with less walls, walk thru spaces that allow a couple to share a space..allowing greater interaction during the key parts of their day

So what does this new "parents retreat" comprise is a space where a couple share intimate space, a space were we unwind, get ready for the day ahead, sleep and also a place where we bathe.

This space is effectively three rooms cleverly connected as one, it does or can have the potential to close down into individual spaces or be open like we are used to at our most favorite resort were the doors are mostly always open and those sharing the space always feel as they are connected.

Bathes are visible and In close proximity to the bed, so we can discuss our days and converse whilst doing a number of tasks. Yes the toilet is tucked away and private....

Showers are becoming larger and large enough for two to share, the water is coming from two sources, one from the ceiling like urban rain and the other from the wall....adjustable to suit not getting hair wet or washing kids hair.

The "vanity" has taken on a almost furniture role similar to the lounge must have good storage but it has to look great the basins are coming I'll shapes and sizes even integrated into work surfaces.

So what is driving this, there are many factors but the resort style living is a key factor, we always feel great when we are away and After all this is where we start and finish our day...


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