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We have always pushed to be at the forefront of our design field and this week we have taken another step forward to ensure we continue to push the boundaries of design and design client presentation. 

We have this week installed the latest version of Pytha 3D CAD V21! and the results with HDR rendering really speak for themselves.

Belos is a current project, this is a design project is based in the mountains and the client wanted to bring a part industrial feel but with clean modern lines. The current space has walls everywhere and this use of our 3D CAD software means the client can visualise the project long before they engage any builder.

This is a pre construction design that Minos can produce for you, are you unsure what your space will look like....can't visualise? 

The use of software this powerful, with the ability to walk our clients thru in real time long before construction begins has opened up our market. We have recently completed successful design projects completely remotely with design presentations over the internet areas have included multiple Melbourne projects, Fiji, Byron Bay & Canberra.

ALL CAD work is produced in house at our Alexandrian studio so give us a calk or visit us...


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