Bringing Sexy Back - The Modern Bathroom

Bringing Sexy back! The brief from the client was simple, create a elegant space with clean lines and materials and textures that would not date & Ensure one of your sexy sinks are the center piece of the design! 

This new Ensuite forms part of a much grander renovation of a very tired 1960's building in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. This modern bathroom design created by Minosa hits the mark with current trends in the bathroom but is classic well designed space will last the true test of time. 

One of the greatest challenges with small (ish) ensuites is there is not a great deal of space, so as designers it is our job to try and make these spaces feel larger. How do we do this...smoke and mirrors...well less smoke and more LED & Mirrors. 

The use of LED lighting as a accent light is key to making space feel larger as it illuminates dead space and highlights height. By adding softness and light to these areas it makes the space feel that much larger....

In this case we have a sensor light under the basin as a night light but also it makes the basin feel even thinner...

Storage and access to stacks is always a drama in these small ensuite spaces, our design solution for this small (ish) bathroom or ensuite is to add recessed wall cabinets & shaving cabinets, this offers the space a great deal of storage and helps with the feeling of space. 

All in all we feel this modern bathroom is well designed and will last the test of time with the quality the client is looking for. The design solutions in this ensuite are well thought thru and add a lot of practicality which is always a challenge in small spaces.

And YES these images are 3D CAD images, created for the client so they could visualize our design concept for the space


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