A little thought can make all the difference

What makes the modern bathroom? What elements do we need for a great result? 

We'll the answer to both is simple......just apply thought!

The brief for this space was to take a classic developers bathroom and convert it into a modern, well used, practical bathroom with elegant wow factor.......seems easy enough!

The largest challenge with renovations like this is moving plumbing, we got lucky with this one!

The vanity wall in this space is a hero in a few ways, it is the dynamic of the space and gives it the lift it needed...but to bring this space in to 2014 it serves a massive function. 

The other little hero of this space is the way the the basin appears to penetrate the screen...this offers more length to the vanity and a small shelf in the shower area...with recessed shaving cabinets above the vanity the storage issues are solved and that box ticked.

The materials are playing a huge role in this space, they offer a lot of warmth and do not feel cold....we have set the bath up with a landing at one side for the many "bits" our client has collected along the journey....

Timber like tiles have been used to reflect the greater living spaces and offer connection to them...the lighting is layered withe many options depending on the mood and scene the bathroom is playing.

All in all we feel this is a knock out space, one we will begin to build in June 2014....we looking forward to bringing you this completed bathroom design and hope you enjoy the 3d cad design of this bathroom.

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