White Kitchen design - fresh or boring?

The argument over boring whit kitchens will rage on, we have n doubt about that...but the fact is to some White offers a relaxing a calming feeling. Those that love white spaces feel fresh and clean.

This project was and is no different; the clients request for a elegant and clean space, with refined lines & detail. White was and is the order of the day with space. We have chosen to warm the space with accents of a timber that contrasts the existing floor boards. 

It is easy to make white spaces boring, i get how people can feel that way about clinical spaces like this, but personally detail...this is the key to success. Subtile and refined,we will wait until this one is built to share these with you. 

We hope you enjoy the space as much as we do, the was a vey challenging design on many levels. 

Thanks for reading and visiting. Enjoy


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