Defining Space creates a stunning Bathroom Retreat.

Awarded by the KBDi bathroom design of the year 2014 
The team from Minosa have now won this award 2 years in a row.

This space is a testament to design and the thought the process of our studio. This modern bathroom is creative use of space with every inch utilised. 

The Residence
Set in the Prestigious Eastern Suburbs of Sydney this double storied Terrace has been modernized from its period with mish mash of alteration after alteration. This bathroom was the last room in the house to be completed.

The Brief
To create a space that was open to the adjoining bedroom, a space that is dynamic and engaging. The space had to be original and one that was easy to look at and could be illuminated to suit depending on the function it called for.
Open plan space
Space for two to share
Private but open
A vanity that did not look like a vanity
Something different
Natural touch
Good lighting
Subtle bling
Concealed & dynamic storage
Modern & Contemporary


The main limitations the designer faced was a narrow site with a large window to the east that could not be changed or moved and the desire by the client to open the space up the the bedroom. This action limited wall space and meant the unconventional was called for.

The bathroom at time of our 30 minute in home design sesssion
3D Render created for our client prior to tender and construction
The finished product, evidence of the process. Stunning bathroom results.
3D Design presented prior to tender
The completed bathroom renovation
Completed bathroom renovation
How the requirements of the client brief were achieved & problems solved
With only three walls to work with once opened, the designer needed to think out side of the box, ultimately another wall was required. The designer chose to create a centre wall to divide the space, thus giving another wall to work with but cleverly the chance to offer privacy to the toilet and the shower.
The unmovable window was ideal for the bath placement as it was visible to the bedroom area and it (the bath) naturally sat well under the window. The window had to be treated for those long Sunday lay ins so the designer decided to use a sheer curtain to soften the elevation and make the bath area feel soft and more connected to the bedroom.
The hero of the space is the decision to create the centre wall, effectively this added generous wall space for the washbasin and recessed storage solution the client was after,  this decision alone is the savior of the space (and the brief) as the back of the centre wall also takes on the shower. With the ceilings so high and the clients desire for a ceiling mounted soaker the designer choose to stop the internal height of the wall at 2400mm (internally) and return a false ceiling back to the adjoining wall as such this ticked a few boxes. It allowed the the ceiling mounted soaker to be possible and also gave a space for good room light thru the use of up lighting. This light has multiple function with in this space, it is dimmable and allows the client to make the space feel larger when illuminated as it fills the "dead" corners(of the space) from the new false ceiling to the very high ceilings of the room with light.  So this tick another box, variable mood lightning.


This left the toilet to the end if the room, this is concealed by a sliding glass screen to add privacy. The toilet is discretely tucked away and out of view, the extractor fan is fitted with a steam sensor so the fan turns on once the steam hits the ceiling.
The designer chose to use Pieta grey marble for the natural element but did apply a custom tile pattern that is made up from using 600x600 tiles, splitting and rotating every other one, this gave the client a custom and unique element they were after. Bisazza glass mosaics where chosen to add a touch of decoration and shine, BLING


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