Milan 2014 - Inspirational images taken in tour.

During the week we were going thru the images we had snapped whilst in Milan for this years Design Week & Euro Cucina...there is so many beautiful images we thought we would share them with you. 

Please share and feel free to comment on you favs! 

The incredible Boffi showroom will always fill you with a sense of inspiration.

This would have to be one of our fav windows in all of Milano, it is always different 
Mutina screening at Milan fair
Coloured basins!! they pop but would you been keen enough?

Yes this is a shower head by KOS Zuccetti at the Milan Fair

The leading kitchen companies at Euro Cucina were all about richness and warmth. Incredible display of lovely woods and stone. This kitchen was one i spent a long time in. Loved the feeling of warmth is offered. 

GREEN!!! the Milan fair was very natural and green this year, a real connection with nature was evident. 

Danish Design, Clearly!!! 

Gessi Milano, one incredible experience

The stairway that seems to go no just have to walk up.

Incredible Gubi Copper pendant hanging in the Boffi showroom

I know it does not seem like much, but the first morning walking out of our B&B to see this is one of the most exciting feelings on tour!! 

Duomo, 197 years to complete just inspires!


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