Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ integrated bathroom basin & bench

Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ luxury modern bathroom vanity

Organically formed to provoke evolutionary change in bathing habits, the Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ is a timeless bathroom design piece that exudes a modern style. The quality craftsmanship of this washbasin is evident in every detail from the meticulous selection of material, Corian® to the beautiful way the horizontal and vertical surfaces are seamlessly wrapped & grain matched.

Evoke, Provoke & Evolve!

Minosa™ wanted to push the boundaries of the Modern Luxury Bathroom market by producing a collection of washbasins that questioned all the residential & commercial bathroom market thought was normal! The “big idea” was to dramatically reduce the depth of the basin therefore pushing the market (that was willing to evolve) to question their habits. By reducing the bowl capacity you effectively have to reduce the flow rate coming from the spout in order to prevent splashing. Effectively reducing your water consumption by around 15 thousand litres per year!! The Scoop®ED washbasin will retain 1.4L of water which Minosa considers to be more than enough for people to perform their daily habits such as shaving & face washing.

Away from the water saving qualities of this modern washbasin we also wanted a material that had outstanding environmental qualities. We chose to utilize Corian® as it meets with all of our requirements. Being 100% renewable & having such a range of colours made it the obvious choice for our design team.

The Scoop®ED washbasin has a great range of options; two sizes 900 & 1200 with the option of having the bowls located in the centre, right hand or left hand side. Also be a double version in two sizes 1600 & 1800mm there is also room for custom sizes

The Scoop®ED washbasin is a shining example of quality Handcrafted Australian design. Every piece from the Minosa™ collection is hand made to order locally here in Sydney.

Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ luxury modern bathroom vanity

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