The Bathroom with a view

The main Ensuite of most homes built between the 1960's and current times have had these small bathrooms attached to them, in some cases like this house it was a real after thought. 

Minosa was engaged to increase the efficiency and reduce the maze like additions that had been created in a renovation only 15 years earlier. 

We removed several walls a moved the wardrobe to the laundry side of the house, concealing the toilet behind a sliding door that almost looks part of the wardrobe, this allowed us to open the main part of the bathing room to be more open and easily shared by husband and wife. 

With the stunning views down to the river we were really conciuos to bring as much of this into view but with out the outside looking in. The choice of materials had to be natural with its setting, we did not want any features apart form the space, the space and the way it is utilised in the this case is the real feature. 

Nature plays such an important role in our lives so why no connect with it at every opportunity. 

We hope you love this Bathroom Space as much as we do, there is some cool creative design solutions here that really use the space well. 


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