Urban design in a woodland setting

To say this space needed a renovation was a understatement, the entire kitchen and living room revolved around a centre curved brick wall reminiscent of a pizza oven. I was is desperate need of a opening up and applying a modern brush.

A very buys professional couple with two you kids meant there was a real need tot connect the family at every opportunity, this is now achieved thru a sheer determination by the client to modernism a home that has been with them since a very early age. 

The brief was to create a warehouse modern feel in this incredibly pretty and secluded setting, the results are stunning. The kitchen now sits easily in it's new location and the low ceiling which could not be changed has been integrated below the white washed timber floor joists. 

There are clear area's for the members of the family to get away from each other when needed, apart from this now integrated living room there is a sun room and gym down the stairs and a office come media room in the loft. 

This is a massive transformation and we look forward to bring the actual photos of these spaces late in 2015, the 3D Renders are a great tool but we are really looking forward to seeing this finished as the kitchen and living rooms are beautiful. 


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