Kitchen Design connecting space - The modern living room?

Design has good currency? This kitchen was designed for a spec home in Sydney's inner west, the property was always going to be for sale and the developer always wanted to maximise the sale price - so when trying to create a home that is well designed and in this case narrow & south facing we had to focus on space. 

Yes we had a view to the front of the property but the hero of this property is space and they way the spaces connect and are utilised. There is a real flow to the area's and the way they can be used. 

Arrival in the home is a big thing, we are used to arriving in a hallway and walking past bedrooms but in this case we put all sleeping on the first floor. By removing the sleeping form the living areas from the draftsman plans the ground floor and entry level opened up to one large connected space, there are still area's of privacy tucked around the corners. 

At the front end of the property we placed the formal dinning and a sitting room, a space to get away from the television and read or ponder your thoughts, the kitchen is the centre and the main focus, it has a everyday meals area integrated into the end of the unit which is at the back side of the property as this connects with the "everyday" aspect of the yard and main living space. 

The kitchen has all the mod cones that we could talk about the hero of the design is the way it sits and its aesthetic. A cantilevered element greets you on arrival, we wanted there to be a real statement but also to hide the space a little. 

Air conditioning is concealed in the bulkead over the kitchen so we could maximise the ceiling heights to make the narrow space feel larger. 

Textures in this kitchen design are layered and well considered as they tie in all the elements of this interior and these finishes are carried into the other spaces of this home including the exterior. 

We see and discuss kitchen design every day, we see the kitchen and the connecting spaces as the "modern day living room" not a space made up of lounge, dinning, kitchen and family. These spaces should be well thought and connecting....


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