Small Bathroom & Glass walls. Why not?

It seems like we eco the same thoughts from time to time, this time is no different. Small spaces need a lot of thought but at times they create their own layout, we just need make them efficient and look amazing. 

This space is no different, a parents retreat, one of those after thoughts in real estate of the 80's, 900mm wide and long...we have opened up on wall to connect with the bedroom on the other side & added the full length louvre to the north side to bring in light and breezes. The north elevation is hidden by the garden and large trees on the outside.

A simple elegant palette makes this appear simple with a clean line design of the storage and layout. 

The openness of this space is not for everybody, the glass wall could well be frosted so you can only see silhouettes as oppose to complete view. This will surly strike up a stir and would love to hear your thoughts on this small bathroom design.


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