Converting a small bathroom - Best Use of Space

We get asked all the time "what is the best use of space" well it depends on so many factors. This space was a small bathroom in a inner western suburb of Sydney was poorly utilised/designed back in the 1920"s. This Californian Bungalow bathroom was dark and inefficiently used. 

The clients had a real desire to modernise the bathroom, the only one in the house to better suit their crazy morning rituals in a 5 person home. The space had to function well and create a feeling of space whilst catering for the morning madness. 

Design is simple when you break it down, in this narrow room it screamed for single transition by utilising this thought it increases usable area as we deal with the transition thru the space on one wall. The shower is now large and oversized and creates a area you want to go to...

The basin is now also oversized, 1500mm long ScoopED by Minosa; one large consideration with a vanity of this length is one or two bowls? One of the things we become obsessed with when there is more than two people using a space is "i need two basins" the basin is not usually the area of conflict! it is in-fact the mirror; by create a multi function area you could have one doing make up and one a the basin. 

Personally we feel this is a great transformation of this small bathroom, this room is currently being built and we look forward to sharing the actual photos soon. Watch this space. 



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