Small modern bathroom to share

Designing bathrooms for multiple use can be hard, especially when the space is small. That crazy time in the morning can be a real challenge right? This bathroom and home was no different with two teenage children and a couple sharing this one bathroom the morning ritual was chaos. 

Small spaces are always challenging and spatial planning is crucial in the success, finishes and materials should always be a later thought. Here we have spatial planned the space so there was/is a large walk in shower behind the vanity this does a few things for this small space, one it allows a big shower, two very generous vanity area and finally and most importantly it offers privacy to the shower so more than one person COULD you use the space.

We love creating moody or darker bathrooms with great use of natural and artificial lighting so you can set the mood. A bathroom should allow you to be up and bright when you need to be and then it should be able to mood down so you can relax and rejuvenate. The modern bathroom design does just that. Watch our Facebook & Instagram accounts and watch this bathroom come to life in the coming months. 


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