Open to Open Plan - Parents Retreat

Are you open to Opening up the Master Bedroom or Parents Retreats as we commonly call them? Is this a new design concept that opens the bathroom, bedroom & wardrobe? 

Before you jump to a conclusion, we all need our privacy!! yes we agree but we feel this type of space is one that is shared with a loved one so is it a intimate space or a private space? We feel it is a intimate space, one that two people share...

In this bathroom design concept we have placed the bath on a raised platform next to the bed, one to bring the bath into the space so you can relax and connect but also the view of Sydney Harbour is completely visible from this spot. We have a door that closes the bathroom down completely, we also have a sliding glass door between the bath and shower so you can have dual access to the bathroom. 

We hardly get enough time to connect with our loved ones in this busy and hectic world we live, when we do get away from this hectic life of daily routine and stay at the fancy resort we love the connection that these resorts offer us whilst we are on holidays! so why not bring that home? 

Features of this space, semi open plan bathroom. Products used are Gessi Goccia Bathroom tapware, Minosa bespoke bathroom vanity unit, Pietra Grey Marble Bathroom, Engineered timber flooring , recessed LED lighting that is layered for multiple lighting options. 


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