Modern Kitchen Design requires & Contemporary approach

The Modern kitchen design and lifestyle needs to take on modern contemporary approach to planning and design thought, we should be exploring the design and aesthetic yes but more so the function. In the 1980's a idea called open plan design & the working triangle where big things in kitchen design. Now in the modern kitchen design of 2015 we are now creating living rooms that consist of a kitchen, lounge & dinning room "the modern day living room" 

This approach to modern living and our needs to be connected to our love ones when we are at home is the driving force, we want our spaces to be open and light filled, connected to the outdoors. 

The good old working triangle is not a dead thought process in the modern kitchen, we actually feel the idea or concept has morphed into an new more engaging idea of the working triangles, thru cooking shows like Masterchief and star chiefs such as Jamie Oliver the kitchen is now playing more than a central role in our living and we are seeing more and more families cooking and engaging in the kitchen space than ever before. For this reason we feel the focus on a single working triangle is a outdated thought process and the more innovative addition of a S to triangle (working triangles) allows for more than one person to function in the kitchen at the same time, creating multiple zones and triangles in the process. 

Active and passive, this is a very large part of the modern kitchen design, having areas that are passive such as access to cups which are directly located next to the fridge so when someone is active in the cooking zones the space can function, simile when at the cooktop cooking you want the spices next to you not in a pantry 2 to 3 metres away, this has taken on the term the dynamic kitchen. Blum have been educating the market place on this style or thought process for the modern kitchen for some time now and it makes a lot of sense in the modern kitchen design. 

With this kitchen design we had to address the 7 person family plus the nanny, so the triangles & zoned design idea had to be addressed, zones for cooking, preparation, cleaning, eating and a hidden area for mess had to be addressed. What we have delivered for our client is a modern kitchen that allows for many people to use the space at once, with 4 entry points into the space required allows this modern kitchen design to function incredibly well for our clients. 

The modern kitchen design is challenging, there is a lot of design & functions elements to address and take on board when at the design stage. You only get out what you put in, so make sure your spend the time to address your lifestyle and family. Cheers Minosa we hoe you enjoy this modern kitchen design recently created 


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