The Parents Retreat replaces the Ensuite

The Parents Retreat is potentially the fastest changing room or space in the home, it seems like not that long ago we were trying to add these compact 1200 to 1800mm wide Ensuite spaces onto the Main bedroom and now we want a walk in robe, full size bathroom with double vanity and double shower and a seperate toilet kings size bed and if you can fit it a study. 

For so long the Main Bedroom of the family home did not have its own bathroom in fact for so long we only had one bathroom per home, so there was a real push during the 80's & 90's to add a second bathroom - the ensuite. A space that was tacked onto the main bedroom to give the Parents quick and easy access. 
This made the home more functional, especially once you throw in a couple of rug rats; as these rug rats turn into young adults they are spending more and more time in the bathroom. You see they work this out at a young age, this is the only private room in the home? yes they can escape to the bathroom and for a short period of time they are in their own world with no annoying Parents or siblings to bother them. 

Well the Parents are now evolving and beginning to think the same, hey we can build our own retreat....a space for us to escape the kids, a space to relax, rejuvenate a space for intimacy and privacy! 

This new space we have just created is exactly that, it is a space for two to share, a space to escape and relax. We have used lots of natural products in this space (as we do in general) as there is a sense of calm that comes with natural products. Timber is particularly good for creating a sense of calm as it is warm to look at and lovely underfoot 

In what is a tight space with a door place in a not so perfect location, we had to work with the this as it was cast concrete and it could not be moved, this home also suffered by not have a to many square corners - the triangle house we are affectionally calling it. It is made up be a large number of angles which will make for a unique home but in a interior design sense it does make for some very impractical and unusable corners. 


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