Dafne Freestanding bath

designed by Daniel Debiasi, Federico Sandri for Antonio Lupi

The exclusive and elegant simplicity of lines combined with the compactness of the product give Dafne a unique and incomparable appeal within the panorama of bathtubs. 

The bathroom furniture scene is enhanced thanks to the designer Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, an element of new shape and size that harmoniously combined with the material, Cristalplant, create a very comfortable object.The comfort of the bath is given by the raised edge on the one hand that easily accommodates the shoulders while the curved lines of the basin are like a warm and reassuring embrace inviting you to dedicate a long moment of relaxation. 

This assembly of sculptures is generated by a controlled geometry that expresses evoking   quiet kindness. The reduced dimension facilitate its placement in different bathrooms. Technical notes:

Dimensions: 1700x700 cmThe bathtub is complete with pressure plug and drain. Material: Cristalplant

Now available exclusively thru Minosa on Australia's Eastern Coastline


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