The Living Room

Open plan is nothing new, we have been knocking walls down for decades but has the open plan kitchen now morphed into the "living room"? 

Our new Willoughby project is a perfect example, set in Sydney's suburban north this living space has had a few make overs in it's time. The last we gather was about 10 years ago but already the space was dated and disconnected. 

Our main aim was to create a living space incorporating Kitchen, Living & Dinning - The Living Room. 

All spaces are visually connected and not thru materials and careful planning connected aesthetically also. One of the main focuses was the stair case, the original design with te first floor addition by the homes previous owners did not let light thru, closed the space of and landed in the kitchen space; now the landing is in the main transition area of the living room. 

The laundry was also a large focus as it needed more function and space. The existing layout had small joinery pieces to each side that left the space very divided and disconnected. 

The need for reading area was paramount in the design, the area off the kitchen looks out over the deck and the pool and looks over the entire living room. 

Our Willougbhy kitchen and living renovation will kick off in late June, check out our Facebook & Instagram pages to see snaps of this space as it comes together. 



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