Antonio Lupi now available at Minosa

It is with great excitement that we welcome Antonio Lupi to Minosa, we have been inspired by this amazing Bathroom Furniture company for the best part of 10 Years. 

Antonio Lupi ranges ilBagno and Bespoke will be exclusive to Minosa on the East Coast of Australia these ranges along with the incredible Dafne Freestanding Bath will entice and excite the market place with unparalleled quality and style

IlBagno Collection
design by Roberto Lazzeroni

IlBagno is the collection of return to origins, back to a warm and so style. More roman shapes and styles change but the elegant and determined theme found throughout the antoniolupi collections since the 50’s doesn’t. antoniolupi has chosen the designer Roberto Lazzeroni for affinity and style tried over the years. A collection inspired from the past and re-elaborated in a contemporary content. A diverse collection from the most recent proposals maintaining the company’s DNA and philosophical planning.

design Carlo Colombo

The fascinating dialogue with design continues
BESPOKE is the new modular system by antoniolupi surprising for its beauty and elegance expressing extreme simplicity and linear forms.
Iconic elements in diverse and personalized compositions decorate the bathroom and not only. Compose the living area with pure and sophisticated style that distinguishes Antoniolupi in every detail. A harmonious project that perfectly integrates with the goals of the architect Carlo Colombo and the company’s needs to o er a collection potentially endless.

The beginning of the collaboration between Carlo Colombo and antoniolupi goes back to 2003 with the collection Materia, followed afterwards with Panta Rei in 2006. A creative synergy that has developed two of the most beautiful furniture collections appreciated worldwide.
Today this partnership is reiterated and confirmed with BESPOKE a collection of sure success. 

design Daniel Debiasi, Federico Sandri

The exclusive and elegant simplicity of lines combined with the compactness of the product give Dafne a unique and incomparable appeal within the panorama of bathtubs. The bathroom furniture scene is enhanced thanks to the designer Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, an element of new shape and size that harmoniously combined with the material, Cristalplant, create a very comfortable object.
The comfort of the bath is given by the raised edge on the one hand that easily accommodates the shoulders while the curved lines of the basin are like a warm and reassuring embrace invi ng you to dedicate a long moment of relaxation.
This assembly of sculptures is generated by a controlled geometry that expresses evoking quiet kindness.
The reduced dimension facilitate its placement in different bathrooms.
Technical notes:
Dimensions: 1700x700 cm
The bathtub is complete with pressure plug and drain. Material: Cristalplant 

Our exciting new website is coming soon so stay tuned for more exciting bathroom products and news from this amazing Italian bathroom furniture company. 


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