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Small bathrooms should look great to right? the most important thing about small bathrooms is function, so it is best to spend good time considering your options. 

This small bathroom at one of our Eastern Suburbs Renovations in Sydney was a challenge as it had to service a growing teenage boy and the guest as they frequently visited.

To explore the option if the main stay....the son, we needed a space that had good storage so everything would be away when the guests came to stay; and we needed to explore the best design practice to make the space feel bigger that it was. 

The choice of the design team was to place the washbasin & the toilet on the one wall, this created a single transition "lane" for the space which made the space highly functional. The Minosa team then chose to build the boundary wall (which was a common wall) to allow the ease of plumbing and the ability to create a recessed storage cabinet stretching the width of open section. This stretches the space and with the high mirror brings in the Northern Light from the highlight window to create even greater sense of space. 

Natural Stone was chosen for the back wall and the bath tub due to its warmth and beauty and a oversized tile from Laminam eliminates the grout lines and makes the space feel bigger again.

We have selected our Scoop washbasin made from Corian for the hand basin for its slenderness (again) making the space feel lighter 

Overall we love the design solution created here - we had to battle with the idea of deleting the bath as it was the only one in the home and due to resale thoughts the bath was kept. 

Hope you have enjoyed these 3D CAD images of this new small bathroom design stay tuned to our social media feeds as we bring you snaps of the project in the coming months. 


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