Modern Kitchen Design by Minosa

Modern Kitchen Design by Minosa Our recent Willoughby kitchen design integrates the living room as one space, incorporating dinning, lounge, kitchen reading and laundry. 

Project Description
After successfully completing some work for these clients a few years back, the designer was once again invited to chat about some additional work.  
The home, a two-storey weatherboard clad 70’s home in Willoughby. It had had some recent updates, however the ground floor was tired and in need of a real lift.
Home to husband and wife and their three teenage kids, the owners dream was for a sophisticated, well-designed, quality space for their family to use and engage in.  

Structural Challenges
·         Central Staircase closed off the space
·         Laundry space tiny and pokey
·         Reinvention of a previous kitchen
·         North facing block

Client Requirements
·         High Specification of product – quality not quantity;
·         Modern Kitchen that won’t date;
·         Design in keeping with the recently completed renos;
·         Create a modern living room
·         Good use of light
·         Design an open stair case

Design Statement
With its north facing block and view out to the pool the kitchen was already in the right spot, it was just tired and bland looking.  The space was also cut off from the family and dining room with a central staircase, which led to the upper level.  The clients wanted the spaces to come together so the first thing the designer needed to do was overhaul the staircase.  Intro open tread, sleek steel and glass-framed staircase.  From this point on the space began to transform and also brighten up.
The kitchen was re designed with an abundance of storage both under and overbench. 
The joinery to the left houses the library, a much loved area by Cass the mum whom loves to collect and read her novels.  The right side joinery are all the tall units which conceal the single door refrigerator, microwave and small appliance cabinet.  The new design also allowed the laundry to be spruced up. Bench space doubled in this area and the designer was also able to install a two way linen cabinet, which is pure design brilliance.  Not only are the families linens easily washed, folded and stored into the linen cabinet, they are also easily accessed on the opposite side should one need. A big tick for this busy family!
Finishes and fittings are complimenting the recent renovations upstairs and also modernize the entire room as requested.  They are rich, warm and quality driven.  The stone was sourced for its natural beauty and lovely veins.  The benchtop is solid surface material chosen for its low maintenance qualities and also to assist in light reflection.  Accessories are black and sexy; they compliment and tie in with the selected designer lighting and new modern staircase.
This innovative kitchen design also allowed the designer to incorporate an offset breakfast bar for the kids to congregate and socialize around, it was an added bonus and one the clients appreciate immensely now that they have lived with the design for a few months. 
This home is now almost completely renovated.  It oozes a refined modernism that one aspires to reach in their life and one this designer is happy to have met the challenge.

Modern Kitchen Design by Minosa


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