The great unbuilt kitchen finally gets a home.

Five years ago we designed this kitchen for a developer and due to a falling out over fee's we never got the chance to even show the client it was designed for....such a shame. So we thought lets run a giveaway, so we asked out Instagram Followers to tell us why they should have this kitchen design at no cost to them! See the winning words below. 

 “why this kitchen should be in my home” Bec; 

My kitchens so old it’s brown
It’s broken tiles and handles makes me frown
In front of my eyes it’s falling apart
We wish we had some help@and new where to start
Then I saw this on insta, distinctive colors and lines
What an amazing space to be creative, I’d love it to be mine
To admire such beauty, and to call it our own
And tell everyone it’s a ‘Minosa’ and hear them all moan

And as the closer Bec came back with this 

It’s the heart of the home, where we all meet
For a simple cup of coffee, a chat or a cheeky treat
From creating dinners for our family and friends
And experimenting with all the new ‘foody’ trends
We teach our children about ‘sometime’ foods
While we prepare their school lunches throughout all their moods
It may be a very early breakfast before heading for a flight 
Or a late night snack when nobody is watching, after a big night
Food is love and precious time together is a delight
The place we should do it all, ought to be right
There’s only one choice when it comes
to kitchen design
Minosa’s are so beautiful, elegant and fine
The colours are inviting and each element works together
A place to enjoy through our family generations forever

We are delighted that this amazing kitchen will now have the home it deserves, such a cutting edge kitchen design that was first created 4 years ago, now gets the see the light of day and become contemporary. 


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