Small Bathroom with no compromise.

When designing small bathrooms that are the main bathroom of the home, it is crucial to understand the family and its bottle necks. Yep you heard it bathroom shave bottle necks. Let me set the scene...its 8.25 am and everyone has slept in, your late for work the kids are fighting because they want the bathroom all to themselves for privacy and you....well your ready to explode! So how can good design help this situation? Easy, with good thought.

So by creating zones in the bathroom that have doors such as the toilet and the shower it is easy enough for more than one person to function in this space at the one time and with a generous size mirror and bench below there is enough room for two to share also. 

The most important thing about design is to understand the problem that needs solving, once we solve the functional issues we can then move to making in beautiful.

Is your bathroom underperforming on the function or aesthetic side? Want to know what can be achieved in your space? Well check out our new Bathroom Concept Design package HERE to see how we can help you to Design Life Better.


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