The 675 Maralunga Divano sofa is my ultimate favourite lounge

Born in the same year as I, the 675 Maralunga Divano sofa is my ultimate favourite lounge. Although I am definitely more au fait with Maralunga’s curves than mine these days, I like to think we are both classics that will stand the test of time..

There’s something about this Italian lady that I love, love, love! Apart from the large embrace I receive every time I steal a moment off my feet Space Furniture, the sofa is versatile and caters to many human shapes, sizes and interior styles..

Sitting up, laying down or slouching; couch time on this full bodied beauty is perfect for both family and formal arrangements and the size and fabric options are a dream to work with..

Comfort mastermind and award winner Vico Magistretti (b.1920-2006) was a prolific architect, industrial designer and a true dedicated Milanese. Vico started his design career with @cassinaofficial in the 60’s and won the prestigious prize ‘Compasso d’Oro’ in 1979 for the Maralunga sofa. Coincidently, portable audio player, the Walkman, was designed around the same time; the perfect accompaniment to aid relaxation whilst lounging..

Over the decades many have tried to replicate the piece, although I don’t think they’ve even come close..

Enjoy. Simona x 

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