Darling Point Apartment by Minosa

We are super excited about this apartment renovation set in the Eastern Suburb or Darling Point in Sydney's East. The apartment hosts one of the most incredible views of Sydney harbor and its City Skyline but the original 1960's layout did not capitalize on this. 

Minosa was engaged to re-design the entire apartment, in a nut shell the brief was to make use of the view and improve the overall function of the apartment. We will talk more about this as the project comes to life but in our excitement we can not help but share some CAD images and the before images. 

This project now moves to the tender phase of the project. CAD images such as these make life that much easier for all involved, the Designers (us) can accurately get our design intent over to the client and they have a clear understanding of the direction, this also helps the builders and trades as they to can understand exactly what it is we are wanting to build. 

Watch this space as we move into the build phase as we are sure to share more images from this stunning apartment renovation. 

Before Images

Existing Kitchen
Living Room and Kitchen Closed to the view

After - 3D CAD Images 

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