The Point Parents Retreat

A fresh watery palette drawn from the local natural surrounds of Iron Cove situated in Sydney’s inner west, anchors a sense of rejuvenation. A professional couple with two young children asked us to transform their master suite into a private sanctuary. We introduced clean refined lines to redirect focus into the space, such as the datum line to unify the area and small mosaics to add direction and texture. We merged the wardrobe and bathroom to harness natural light and accommodate our client’s busy morning schedule whilst creating a warm, fresh, inviting design with a sense of calm.     

“The space is warm, light and inviting with clean simple lines that will stand the test of time and immediately creates a sense of calm.” 

– Owner

Stationed in a wonderful setting, the 1990’s project home needed some help. The parents retreat was generous, however floor space was poorly utilised with many transitions and a dark walk-in robe. Once a prevalent feature of 90’s architecture, the bay window in the bathroom was a feature our client wished would disappear. Busy mornings and bath-time were pain points as the space was unusable by multiple people at once and lacked effective storage.

“The proficiency of all the lines meeting are an absolute highlight for me. An optical illusion draws attention away from the dated bay window and the junctions are perfectly inline and flush with each other which is no easy feat.” 

– Darren Genner

Perfectly inline junctions draw attention away from the dated bay window

We combined bathing and dressing spaces to enhance the size and functionality of the floor space. Northern light filtered into the new wardrobe through an opaque textured glass divider between the shower and toilet.

“One element I just love is the privacy shower and the opaque textured glass. It’s a visual triumph.” 

– Simona Castagna

The privacy shower screen with opaque textured glass

A gorgeous powder blue custom vanity with curved edges amplifies the organic lines of the bath and round mirror mounted sconces, whilst housing a double basin and ample storage. Encompassing bathing, dressing and other personal rituals create a beautiful organic flow in relation to the bedroom.

Powder blue custom vanity with curved edges

“I think we were quite inarticulate in describing our requirements for this bathroom, but despite this, Minosa were able to pull out the key elements and produce exactly what we wanted and then some." 

– Owner

Before and after
CAD Image created before the build.

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