Bathroom - Break tradition

Why force yourself to look at your self when you are at your worst, you should choose when to see your reflection”

Earlier in the year we had the pleasure of visiting Germany and the ISH Bathroom fair and with our personal and guided tour of the Hansgrohe and Axor facilities in the Black Forest we gained a little in-site into the new range designed by Patricia Uquiola. The above words where hers when pitching to the head of development at Axor. It resonates with us, why not look out to a garden rather than be forced to see your reflection.

This became a focus at our Seaforth project where we pushed the mirrors to the side so the focus when at the basin was the soon to be created garden bed and vertical garden and  then with careful selection the mirror will pivot of the wall when needed.

Our Seaforth project pushed the envelope as far as layout and focus, breaking from tradition to create a space two people could share yet still get privacy when needed. 


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