Minosa - COVID19

To all our Minosa customers and suppliers, 

Firstly, our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID*19. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of our lives and will change the way we live for the moment. 

At Minosa, the health and safety of our clientele and staff is our utmost importance. As we enter uncertain times Minosa has decided to take the advice of some very smart people and do our best to limit human contact, social gatherings and apply social distances rules as set out by the government. 

Minosa is now a fully remote studio, we have only two people at a time in the studio (160m2) with the rest of the team working remotely from home. At the early stages of the COVID19 outbreak we commenced setting Minosa up so we could be fully operational even in the case of a complete lockdown.

With the studio still open on a micro level, all meetings are now held through the digital platform ZOOM, the feedback over the last two weeks has been excellent as our clients do not have to leave their homes for us to walk them through the digital design of their new spaces. Parking is a breeze.

Whilst in the studio we have implemented excellent self hygiene standards and are sanitizing as well as disinfecting surface areas frequently throughout the day. 

Minosa will remain 100% operational, we will continue to support our staff, the small family business we engage with to build our work and the suppliers that provide the wonderful products we use.

So, what does this mean for your project? well nothing really! It is business as usual to a certain degree we just need to shift the way we communicate our design to you. We are very fortunate that the level at which we present to our clients is all 3D and very informative so the delivery will not change just the meeting style. All meetings & Design Presentations from here on in (until further notice) will be held through online Video Conferencing Software ZOOM, we will be able to talk like usual and even notate the screen. We have done many, many projects remotely over recent times, and this will be fine, just a small adjustment. 

If you are not that tech savvy don't worry, we will help you, it really is easy to use. 

To all potential new customers, what a great time to think about a new kitchen or bathroom; your at home, we can research, discuss, visualise and communicate. Then once all this blows over we can look to building these design concepts to make them a reality. If you want to have ZOOM meeting to discuss your home or project, you can even walk us through CLICK HERE to provide us with a small amount of detail and we will set the ZOOM up. There is no cost, its free to chat. 

Latest letter of reference HERE

So, for now, stay safe, if you need to discuss this please do not hesitate to call me to discuss.

Look after each other and remember we must carry on as best as we can, we are here to help, we will all get through this and better times are not that far away. 

Design Life Better

Stay Safe,
Simona and Darren


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