Pandemic Positive - Luxurious Home Steam Room

An appreciation, passion and commitment to bespoke, authentic design is the hallmark of our portfolio. Its what keeps us inspired to continue creating better spaces for people to live, nourish and relax in. So when we had a call to transform a unused service area of the home into a luxurious steam room with shower we just had to say yes! 

Project Description
A large modern home built at the turn of the millennium.  Situated on the side of a steep sloping street, very close to Sydney's picturesque Bronte Beach.  The clients Luke and Alicia and their three children have a real connection to their local surroundings, especially the ocean. So much so they requested a steam room be constructed into a space that at the time housed much dirt!  All this so they could finish their beach days rejuvenated and relaxed.

Structural Challenges
·         Turn dirt into useable space – a luxurious spa room infact!
·         Lack of Air flow
·         Difficult access
·         Existing plumbing and pipework in the way
·         Moisture, dampness and water flooding issues
·         Stringent installation specifications for steam appliance.

Client Requirements
·         Q- Have you ever built a steam room? A- Ummm NO!
·         Desire for something amazingly beautiful;
·         A place for relaxation;
·         Soft lighting;
·         Natural materials ;
·         Shower and
·         Steam NOT sauna

Design Statement
Where to start? Underground space. Dirt. Pipes.  Cables, stale air – and a water tank!  The first thing the designer had to do was understand how the proposed space could function from a plan perspective.  Consideration to the need to access the water tank and to create positive airflow and extraction for musty air was paramount.
The result, a room within a room - so to speak.  A walkway that was the most direct from the original entry point and then set out to explore the seating and shower requirements.  Once the spatial plan was created the selection of the steam appliance was confirmed.  This was no easy feat.  Size of room, glass thickness, room ceiling height, and remote access all played a part in the decision process. 

The steam appliance selected was Italian made.  This meant dealing with overseas late at night to get information such as the volume of the room 100% accurate; the thermal properties of the room correct with in wall insulation, triple glazing, the viewing window parameters and a completely sealed door to keep the heat in. Actually the Italians wanted everything confirmed prior to supplying the unit.
Finally with the unit selected and the volume for the room decided the designer then set about to design the seating and the ceilings. Curved ceiling were selected to make the space feel larger and more cocooned. This was also needed to prevent condensation on the ceiling.  This curvaceous concept then went onto form the seating area. Constructed from Hebel block and shaped by hand this continued mirrored organic from.
The designer added a hand shower at entry/exit into the steam room to cool off and a shower on the outside for the complete cleanse.  Lighting was layered, uplight and dimmable to enhance the mood.  The selection of lighting also had to be explored as it had to be completely impervious to condensation.

Overall this space is a luxurious retreat – a place to retreat had rejuvenate oneself from life. 


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