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Kitchen Design should always be focused on people and place; it should be bespoke to fit your needs, lifestyle and the way you entertain. Our recent Lugarno project is the perfect example of this philosophy. 

Who knew this modest southern Sydney suburban home was inhabited by two funky design conscious empty nesters! Upon entry the house revealed an amazing split-level design, with the kitchen/lounge space situated on the lower level that felt subterranean and cocooned into the gully on which the house rested.

Bring nature in, create drama and “we are not doing this again!” were the key takeaways. The space had to cater to their expanding family and grandchildren. The couple both loved to cook and entertain. It had to be stylish, quality driven, functional and feel like it was always there.

The original layout was cramped, dark and cavernous. The removal of some internal walls and emphasising the low ceilings was evident. This not only hosted a great open plan space for the kitchen, dining and living but also brought the garden indoors.

The original layout was tired, outdated and cramped. It felt dark and Closter phobic.The ceiling height was concerning, with three steel beams sitting low & running the length of the room.  It had the designer scratching their head! The space needed to open up. Non-load bearing walls were removed and a spectacular space emerged. A masterstroke by the designer was to emphasize the ceiling beams. Plywood arches with LED strip up lighting were installed in-between.  By highlighting the arches & reflecting the light, a design feature prevailed – the illusion of height. A single large downlight centralized over the island was all the other lighting required. 

Tall storage sits along the rear wall, a L shape kitchen design ran adjacent including a small round island. Opposite sat the lounge, perfect for simultaneous conversations with visitors whilst prepping. The dining and new informal sitting areas reside in the remainder of the area. The view is uninterrupted as furniture sits low, the garden visible from every angle.

The clients’ request for drama was conveyed via a dark moody palette.  Dark timber doors, Black Dekton benchtops and the most amazing organic black leathered marble splashback.  Fittings were all selected in black and nestled into the design.  The dark aesthetic also highlighted the greenery outside.

Great spaces materialize when design decisions are a direct response to the sites’ problems and the client’s needs. 

The design solutions here are not only unique they are innovative!

In the clients words they feel at peace, and never want to leave.

Before Images

3D Images Created prior to construction

Completed Project

Client Comments & Letter to say Thank You. 

27th March 2020

Dear Darren & Simona,

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks as we’ve been thinking of you and your team at Minosa a lot during these very challenging, isolating times.

We are so thankful that our project was completed just before Christmas 2019.  At the time, your tremendous effort and cool heads got us through what we thought was the biggest challenge of our lives – the current challenge facing us all puts all that in a very different perspective!

What we are very, very thankful for now is that Minosa transformed our ‘forever’ home into the most perfect, soothing haven from all the madness that surrounds us.  We know we are in a very fortunate position and we have not lost sight of those who are homeless or worried about losing their homes because of financial stress.

As you well know, our house is a humble suburban dwelling.  We hesitated to reach out to a designer for fear that our house did not compare to some of the projects we saw in your portfolio.  Once we started to talk with you, saw how quickly and accurately you got the brief and most importantly, saw the bespoke design you created – any doubts dissolved!

I’m still in awe of how you managed to incorporate every single element of the mish mash of images and concepts I had collected over many months.  Even more so, how the stunningly beautiful & unique concepts you created for our bathroom and kitchen are merged with faultless functionality!
I knew I would love walking into these spaces and being surrounded by the tranquillity that enveloped me.  My husband is a more pragmatic person and was a tiny bit cynical that the bathroom would be ‘form over function’ – I wish you could hear the daily raves about how much he enjoys ‘his’ space, We both can’t believe how well it all works!

After the renovation, we were happy to stay home and enjoy the spaces.  Now that this is an imperative, we are so thankful to you and your team for delivering our dream.  We wanted to let you know that your company will survive these challenging times because a product of the calibre delivered by Minosa will always sell itself.   

If we could offer advice to anyone who is thinking their home could do with some improvement, it would be to:

Spend this time concepting your dream
Don’t waste your time on how to execute it, ring Darren 
Engaging Minosa will be the best investment you will ever make

Please know that our gratitude is heartfelt.  We spent a lot of time researching our renovation.  The reason we selected Minosa was because the spaces in our home that you designed were unlike anything else we had seen.  Our kitchen and bathroom reflect us, our home has not been ‘renovated’ it has been re-imagined and the spaces work better than anything we had imagined possible.  Your slogan couldn’t be more apt -  we are living a better life through better design.

With our sincere best wishes, stay safe and well,
Deb & Silvano Toffolo

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