The Black Bathroom

You will always here the notion that black will reduce th esize of any room and many people steer away from this idea out of fear; not always fear that the room will feel small but more that the market place should they sell not react in a positive way. As the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding" This space does challenge the norm, it does redefine a Powder Room come Guest Bathroom but it does it so confidently through detailing and boldness.

“The space is bold, it is confidant and when inside of it it feels all about you like a great bathroom should” 

– Darren Genner

One of the first homes built in Sydney’s prestigious lower north shore suburb of Mosman; this heritage listed circa 1900 property houses a professional couple and their two young children. 

The clients have an acute eye for detail and their budget reflected a desire for design excellence.

This bathroom was to service as the guest bathroom and also powder room to the homes many guests, they did want a space that was a little juxta position, it had to tie into the heritage but offer a unique experience for those using this space. 

“The space is exhilarating, the detailing and play on the old world is incredibly comforting and great experience for loved ones and guests to the home .” 

– Simona Castagna

The clients where not afraid to do something different and the romance of this stunning 1900 home was extraordinarily strong with the homeowners. The Designer chose to introduce an arch to the vanity wall that reflected that in the hallways and other areas of this heritage home. This was also complimented with traditional detailing to the woodwork & cornicing all matching the original details of the home. 

With woodwork, craftsmanship & localization being a big part of 1900 Architecture the designer decided to make a highly detailed curved vanity unit out of 5mm timber dowels, this detail is the opposite to the kitchen that was completed the previous year and complimented the fluted detailing throughout the home. 

Painting the room black was and is a bold statement, but the clients desire for this to be a real experience for its users drove the decision for something radical. The black was not out of the ordinary for this home, with elements of the facade and interior feature walls also painted in this same shade. 

The space was small, decisions had to be made to make the space feel taller, large oversized round mirror and the use of LED under the vanity and up high behind the cornice illuminate the darkest points for the room. These two LEDs add visual depth to the room and with only one downlight (separately switched) there is nothing drawing you eye down; there is a real emphasis on the massive ceilings in the room. 

The use of Marble slabs not only make a breathtaking statement, but it also plays a big part in making the room feel bigger as there are no visual lines stopping the eye to reduce the visual size of the room.

The result of this bathroom is shockingly amazing, the way the north west light plays on the space through the window is incredible, the role the artificial light plays to make the space feel bigger yet incredibly functional is exhilarating and the detail of the room is second to none! 

Bathroom Design by Minosa, Images by Nicole England 2020.

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